Talk at 7.30 pm given by Nicola Lowe at the church of St George The Martyr, 206 Andover Road, Wash Common, Newbury, RG14 6NU. (See Links page for directions.)

Medieval Painted Churches in the Thames Valley and Beyond.

Nicola Lowe is a freelance writer and art historian specialising in the art and architecture of medieval parish churches. 

At the moment she is researching church art and the parish in 14th century Oxfordshire for her PhD. At one time the walls of England's parish churches were ablaze with colour, painted from floor to ceiling with a variety of decorative effects and religious scenes.  At the Reformation such gaudy embellishments were considered inappropriate and even idolatrous, and were largely destroyed.  However, fragments of these murals survive in a surprising number of churches, faded and damaged but hinting at former glories.  This talk will concentrate on those in the SE of the country and discuss their manufacture and meaning.

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