Chairman’s Notes


I am pleased to report that our Committee has been strengthened with three new members elected at the AGM:  Valerie Jackson, Michael Perkin, and Keith Spires.  Liz Knight retired after a total of 9½ years on the Committee, and the AGM thanked her for her long contribution - she will continue to arrange tours and theatre trips.  Ian Hopper had to retire from the Committee because of health problems, and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.  He is continuing to compile our Newsletter.


I am also pleased to report that our dedicated web site is now live, maintained by Valerie Jackson.  (This address will change shortly, but there will be a pointer from it to the new address.)  We continue to have a page on the main Trust web site, which also points to our dedicated site.


Our May meeting was the last to be held at Luker, and the September meeting will be the last at Wormestall, before these buildings are redeveloped.  The new St Barts building should be occupied from September, and in November I plan to meet representatives of the School to see if a new working arrangement is possible.  Meanwhile, our meetings from October up to May 2011 will be held at New Greenham Arts.  The meeting which we had there in February went well, and the facilities and support there are excellent.  If you go to the Links page, you will find a link to Greenham Common and a map showing how to reach it.


Our donation to Trust projects this year will be £4250, divided as follows:


Basildon Park                               £1000                                    Parkland map

Greys Court                                     £500                                    New box trees

Mottisfont Abbey                             £750                                    New Estate Walk gates

Sandham Memorial Chapel        £1000                                    Front path repair s

The Vyne                                       £1000                                    Protective floor coverings.


£900 which we had donated to Hughenden Manor in 2007 was, with our permission, reassigned to pay for reinstatement of the ceramic stove in their hall.


Please check that you follow the rules stated on page 4 on booking and paying for trips.  These rules are designed to minimise the considerable work involved by our tour organisers and treasurer.  Please also do not stick labels on the back of cheques – the bank’s cheque processing machines can’t cope with them!


Finally, do not hold back if you feel that you can contribute to the running of our Association in any way.  A number of Committee positions become vacant in the next year or two.  It’s all interesting and congenial work, and not onerous.


I wish you a pleasant summer and autumn, and hope that you enjoy our excursions and events.


Anthony Pick, Chairman


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