Chairman's Notes


I thank members for their support at our Annual General Meeting in March. I shall do my best to help our Association continue to flourish. We conveyed to Anthony Pick our appreciation of his service, dedication and leadership during his 5 years as Chairman. His good work has helped to leave our organisation in a healthy and thriving state.

Having decided to maintain our local membership fees at the present level (£10 for the first member and £7 for a second member at the same address) we have considered ways of reducing administrative costs to absorb rising prices. Due to rising costs Greenham Common Trust are unable to continue their free production of our Newsletters but will continue to support us by paying half the cost of production elsewhere.    In addition to that cost we have the considerable increase in the cost of postage to cover and we are therefore asking members who have internet access, and are willing to do so, to receive the Newsletter by email. We shall change to a white cover which also will be less costly. We have always endeavoured to ensure all members receive their copy at the same time so that they have an equal opportunity to make early bookings. To maintain this those distributed by email will be sent two days after those posted. Thus the January 2013 Newsletter will be posted on the 2nd January and emailed on the 4th January. To achieve our objective it is important, of course, that those receiving the Newsletter on line ensure that they access their emails at that time.

Applications for places will not be acceptable by email. As now, bookings will only be made in the order in which applications on booking slips, together with cheques, are received from those who have paid up their local Association membership subscription. Non-members will only be included where there are spaces on coaches and tours. Enclosed in this Newsletter is a slip for members to return please indicating their ability and willingness to receive future Newsletters by email, or requesting to continue to receive the printed version. Those with email may email Amanda Findlay, the Membership Secretary, to confirm they are happy to receive by email. Email addresses are on the following page. We hope that most members who can do so will help to reduce costs by opting to receive it by email.

As a further step to reduce costs we are asking members to consider payment of their local annual membership subscriptions by Standing Order from 1st January 2013. A form is included in this newsletter for arranging a Standing Order. We hope that members will help by making the arrangement for a Standing Order.

Members will see that we continue with a full and varied programme of visits, events and talks for the remainder of 2012. I hope you will be able to join and enjoy many of them.

Best wishes

Gerald Orbell

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