Chairman’s Notes

Sadly, John Foster, a member of the Committee and Tour Leader, has died after prolonged illness.  We have conveyed to his wife and family our sympathy and appreciation of his support and work for the National Trust.

Congratulations to our former Chairman, Anthony Pick, on his election as Mayor of Newbury.

At the Annual General Meeting in March Edna Wall retired from the position of Vice Chairman. We thank her for her support and dedication and the leadership she has provided in that position.
   She continues to be a Member of the Committee, Tour Leader and Chairman of the Planning meeting co-ordinating tours. Keith Spires was elected Vice Chairman and will combine that with his continuing responsibilities for publicity, sponsorship and educational grants and as Tour Leader. We appreciate his support and valuable work in these areas. Amanda Findlay resigned as Membership Secretary and we are very pleased that Carol Wood has accepted election to the Committee and as the new Membership Secretary.

We are very fortunate in our Association to have members who come forward and take on responsibilities. Some Associations have closed down due to lack of members prepared to do so. Our events and Tour Organisers continue to provide an extensive and varied programme, well supported and appreciated by members. We need more volunteers to share those roles. The more we have sharing, the less a task it is for the few.
  Members will be very pleased to welcome, assist and support new members joining the team.  Will any members interested and willing to help by becoming an event or Tour Organiser please contact Edna Wall or me.  We should also be pleased to hear from any members interested in becoming potential Committee Members and Officers.  We need to ensure succession to posts for the future success of the Association.

We just maintain our membership numbers by recruiting as many as we lose each year.
   But we could do better. We are often finding people who are members of the National Trust but who are not aware of our local Association and activities that they could also join. Could members please make their friends, relatives and other contacts aware of what is available. To assist you we shall have a supply of literature and membership forms available at future meetings. Please take some and make use of these.

Forty eight members enjoyed the Spring Lunch – although not quite a Spring day! – at the Elcot Park Hotel
  and had a relaxing time there together.  Many interesting and varied visits and events are planned for the rest of the year and I hope members will be able to enjoy several of them.


Best wishes,

Gerald Orbell, Chairman

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