Chairman’s Notes

  As I write
my first Notes as Chairman I am reminded that this year the Newbury Association
celebrates its 35th Anniversary. The Newbury Association was founded
in 1982 by a group of friends who wanted to support the National Trust. This
milestone could not have been reached without the support of its members both
past and present, also the hard work of the many members who over the years
have come forward and given their time and served on the Committee.


Thank you to Gerald Orbell who completed his 5-year term
as Chairman in March. Thanks also to Chris Buckingham who has been our
Treasurer for the last 12 years. Chris and Felicity are moving to West Dorset
and we wish them a very happy retirement.


Welcome to Sylvia Knight who has come forward to replace
Chris as Treasurer. However, we still have vacancies on the Committee. We also
need a Vice Chairman following my election to Chairman. PLEASE DO COME


Anne Bennett has taken over publicity with the objective
of increasing the membership. We are looking for members to volunteer to put
our posters in suitable places advertising our monthly meetings, for example
your local library, shop, or community notice board. Anne will email volunteers
the relevant posters three to four weeks in advance of the meeting for you to
print the number of copies you require and place accordingly. (I am covering
the Wash Common area). If you would like to help then please email Anne on




From September 2017, we will be moving from Greenham to
St George the Martyr Church, Andover Road, Wash Common, Newbury, RG14 6NU. Full
details on pages 3 and 4 of this Newsletter. This change is due to the
redevelopment of New Greenham Arts.


I hope you will continue to enjoy and participate in the
rest of this year’s activities, entertaining talks, day trips and theatre
visits. I hope to see you all again at the September meeting at St George the
Martyr, Andover Road, and I wish you all a very happy and enjoyable summer.



Best wishes


Keith Spires

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